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Our newly-crafted website features a slicker design and a host of luxurious features. In this website you will be able to:

  • Take a breathtaking glimpse into our our three main jewelry collections: Kotlar 1948, Kotlar Collections, and our flagship Artisan Pavé.
  • Shop and use our concierge service. Using the shop, not only you will be able to purchase in-stock Kotlar jewelry pieces, you can also request custom options or sizes. Our online concierge will be you gateway to a world of luxury and service.
  • Update your Kotlar Passport. Using your digital Passport, you can register your Kotlar jewelry piece, activate its warranty, and track the rest of your collection.

Most importantly, this website documents the history of Harry Kotlar and the dedication of our expert craftsmen. The richness of the company’s legacy unfolds in the timeline and biography of Harry Kotlar and his family. The craftsmanship page reveals the timeless techniques and lifelong dedication of our artisans.

Your superior Kotlar experience begins now!